Partnership for Excel

StatFactory is excited to use Tsunami to extend Excel with a number of features that enable users to build faster, safer, more productive, and more interactive Excel Workbooks.

StatFactory has extended Tsunami to one click compile and load .net User Defined Functions (UDFs) into the Excel workbook. This means users automatically get to use the power of F# with all of the performance improvements, type safety, error detection, as well as helpful Code Completion hints for defining new functions. There is no dependency on Visual Studio. Long running functions can be made Asynchronous and no longer block the User Interface, and much larger amounts of data can be held as .Net objects instead of in Excel. Users can also easily access high performance multi-threaded numerical libraries, e.g. StatFactory's FCore, and even run complex calculations on GPU without ever leaving familiar Excel environment.

The FCell Type Provider from StatFactory generates a programmable user interface for the Excel Workbook so that users can easily interact with the workbook through Tsunami. FCell works nicely with other Type Providers, for example the SQL, CVS, and Web Type Providers, so that users can easily fetch data from the intranet / internet and plug it directly into the Workbook without fear of accidently breaking it. Adding Tsunami and FCell into your workflow not only enables power users to be more productive but provides a safe place for new users to be comfortable.

We’re very excited about this partnership and the plethora of new use cases that are now possible.

Adam Mlocek
Mar 6, 2013