De-Cloaking Tsunami

Tsunami has been in stealth mode for some time now and now that we’re nearing completion we are very excited to start talking about this work publically. The means everyone who had been sworn to secrecy is now released to blog, tweet, publish videos etc.

What is Tsunami?

Tsunami makes productive people even more productive. Most tools aim for the lowest common denominator to broaden appeal. Tsunami is the exact opposite – by making strategic design cuts and integrating components together in a cohesive package Tsunami creates a uniform scriptable interface for doing a wide variety of tasks. For example; Big Data Scripting, Machine Learning, Web Application Development, Excel Workbooks, 3D CAD, Content Management Systems, etc.


Tsunami is currently available as a private beta and will ready for a public beta in roughly 6-8 weeks’ time (~ 18th April). Tsunami installs and upgrades in under a minute so very short release cycles are expected.


The primary mode of usage of the Tsunami will be connected to a server or ‘managed.’ The server provides for a great deal of productivity improvements; for example the facilitation of real-time collaboration within organizations and between individuals. The full extent of the impact of ‘managed’ interactions will become clear in time.


Tsunami is easily extended and customized for specialized domains and can even be embedded into 3rd party applications. We are open to partnerships to ensure that we can help you meet the needs of your domain.

Matthew Moloney
Mar 5, 2012